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HID Xenon Light ¡º Strobe Light 80 Watts ¡»For more information      
Name£º Strobe Light 80 Watts
Model£º PS-244

It provides a high clear bright light output,  the very best warning effect you can have, it will improve your visibility  to make sure you are seen, ideal for  Emergency vehicles,Tow trucks,  Rescue vehicles, Car Shows, Construction and any other vehicles.

Strobe lights tubes are sealed with a high temperature silicone to measure long lasting life, each one of them measure  about 1"each  and could be put anywhere in you car, headlights, tail lights etc etc..

The power supply is protected by a fuse to measure long lasting life as well, The power supply gives you the option of four  different  flash patterns,clearly indicated by four buttons to better give you control of which pattern you need. A power swith has already been installed to give absolute control.

This Strobe Light kit comes with everything you need, just plug and play.

This Strobe LIghts Kit comes with:

1- 80Watt 4 outlet Strobe light Power Supply.

4- Clear M style Strobe lights Bulbs.

2- 16 ft Long Strobe light Cables.

2- 9 ft Long Strobe Light Cables.

1- Power Supply Cable


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