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HID Xenon Light ¡º Bi-xenon Projector Lens Light ¡»For more information      
Name£º Bi-xenon Projector Lens Light
Model£º H4,H1/H7,9004/9007,9005/9006,H13

Hi-low xenon project light is a new mode headlight which combine oval reflector with convex imaging theory, it can be switched the Hi and low light by the electromagnetic drive. Safe and reliable features,novel appearance matching with the exquisite angel eyes decoration, make your headlight more shining and cool.
The low beam clear distinguishes the light and shadow parts with obvious dividing line,What is the legal excellent light shape and will be soft to vehicle and passerby.

In the middle of high beam shadow, There is a focus block which can make more brightness and further irradiation. utility range
1. work with the original auto headlight
2. Re-installation H4 headlight
Product parameter
Bulb mode: 35W¡¡D2S/R xenon light
Color temperature: 6000K
Bulb life-span: ¡Ö3000h
Angel eyes power:3 W
Angel eyes Input voltage: 12V
Angel eyes Life ¨Cspan: 25000h
Angel eyes color: blue( alternative)


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