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LED Auto Light  T10-COB-6W Canbus For more information      
Name T10-COB-6W Canbus
Model T10-COB-6W Canbus

Product Name: High Power COB T10 decode width light license plate light interior light daytime running lights
Voltage: 12V
Current: 0.2A
Light colors: white blue ice blue
Color Temperature: 6000K

Product Features:
1. full original digital design, installation, do not change the line, does not destroy the original car lamp structure, can be used directly plug;
2. professional design high quality and high strength fiberglass circuit boards, fine silk screen printing, surrounding burr;
3. the use of a dedicated regulator chip LED, constant current and voltage ,10-15V working properly;
4. large high-precision chip resistors wattage hundredth provide accurate light set operating current;
5. special welding process, independent of the large joints, the best heat conduction solution.
6. LED lights without delay, without affecting the original car features, low power consumption, no filament structure, no heat, vehicle control circuit is not easy to aging, penetration, without shade filter, various colors blossoms DIY, highlighting personalized, comfortable and good;
7. high-density circuit boards using copper clad glass fiber production, not cheap plastic paper board;
8. Indoor Light Series are supporting the cap, do not alter or destroy the line, can directly replace the original car light bulbs, light board behind there without leaving any marks strong double-sided adhesive, easy fixed, and that they can begin to be replaced.


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